William Bergquist, Ph.D.

William Bergquist, Ph.D., serves as president of The Professional School of Psychology and has also authored or co-authored more than 40 books and 50 articles, and has served as a consultant, coach and trainer to more than 1000 organizations and in five continents over the past 40 years.

Bergquist writes about profound personal, group, organizational and societal transitions and transformations. Dr. Bergquist has conducted research and scholarship in North America, Europe and Asia to establish the foundation for his written work. His publications range from the personal transitions of men and women in their 50s and the struggles of men and women in recovering from strokes, to the experiences of freedom among the men and women of Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

His book, The Postmodern Organization, has been identified as one of the 50 classics in organizational theory and has been translated into both Italian and Mandarin. In Our Fifties (with Klaum and Greenberg) was featured on “Good Morning America” and in several metropolitan newspapers. The Vitality of Senior Faculty (with Carole Bland) received the annual research award in 1998 from the American Educational Research Association. The Four Cultures of the Academy, Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy (with Ken Pawlak), Designing Undergraduate Education (with Gould and Greenberg), and A Handbook for Faculty Development (three volumes) (with Steven Phillips) have been widely acknowledged and cited as seminal publications in the field of higher education.

William Bergquist has served throughout the world as a consultant, coach and/or trainer to leaders in more than 1,000 corporations, government agencies, human service agencies, college and universities, and churches over the past 35 years. He co-founded (with John Lazar) the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (now in its fifth year of publication), and co-founded the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO). He also has served as one of two deans of a highly innovative two-day program (called the ICCO Symposium) that engages dialogue among coaches, users of coaching services and those conducting research or providing training and education regarding organizational coaching.

Dr. Bergquist has taught in the fields of psychology, management, public administration, organization development and public policy at more than two dozen colleges, universities and graduate institutions. The postsecondary institutions in which he has taught range from the University of California in Berkeley, California to the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute in Tallinn, Estonia.