The PSP Mission

The Professional School of Psychology is a private enterprise with a public mission:

The Professional School of Psychology has developed its unique character and structure through a commitment to creating a quality education that is accessible and affordable to learners who wish to access several, interrelated sources of human wisdom in a systematic manner. Furthermore, in the continued maturation of this institution it will make efforts to develop new and innovative models of high quality educational services within a proprietary structure in order that all members of the PSP community may prosper and learn.

The Mission of the Professional School of Psychology is the guiding principle in which all constituencies of the school participate in order to create an effective educational environment. As an institution of higher education, we are committed to providing high quality education to mature adults in order that they may fully participate in multiple roles in their community. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the cost of Master and Doctoral Degree education as affordable in order that students do not suffer additional burdens of financial hardship. Ultimately, we perceive ourselves as members of interconnected local, regional, national and international communities.