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Members of the New Global PSP Community engage individually and collaborative in research and scholarship0–often through The Edge of Knowledge, PSP’s research and development center.

Findings from their work are published in PSP’s Library of Professional Psychology. More extensive writing is to be found in one of the three publishing centers of PSP’s Ash Point Publishing: The Professional Psychology Press, Pacific Soundings Press and Atlantic Soundings Press.

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Global PSP Community

Choosing a Graduate School

The Professional School of Psychology offers unique programs that emulate the legendary salons convened in intellectual capitals of the world. People gathered in salons to share ideas, perspectives and practices. The PSP Global Community offers two different kinds of Salons.

Studios bring community members together to share perspectives on specific movies, documentaries and other art-forms. Laboratories are convened for testing out specific hypotheses, cutting-edge concepts, and potential psychological practices.

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Professional Psychology Store

PSP offers books, assessment instruments and other tools that aide those providing psychological services — be these services in the domain of psychotherapy, counselling, professional coaching or organizational consulting.

Much like a country store, the Professional Psychology Store provides Tools and Instruments focusing on such areas as organizational culture and personal styles (through the Center for Personal and Organizational Assessment), Books (through Ash Point Publishing), Essays and Reports (through the Library of Professional Psychology) and a Bulletin Board (featuring PSP Studios, Laboratories and Field Stations).

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The Professional School of Psychology

For more than 40 years, The Professional School of Psychology (PSP) created a remarkable global community made up of lifelong learners from many professions who are committed to collaborative learning with one another. Specifically, PSP is a distinctive institution that emphasizes high quality yet affordable education and training for mature, accomplished adults and experienced human service professionals from all regions of the world.

Though PSP is no longer offering degree programs, it is hosting many workshops and certification programs–often through its unique three modes of educational deliveryPSP continues to effectively serve life-long learners from many professions and many regions of the world who face the challenges and opportunities inherent in the application of psychological knowledge to the complex, unpredictable and turbulent 21st Century world in which they live and work.

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Edge of Knowledge: The Research Center at PSP

The Purpose

Through the Edge of Knowledge center, members of the PSP community are exploring the application of “cutting edge” theory and research in several domains including  clinical, health and organizational psychology.

Research at the Edge

PSP research is embedded in recognition that valuable knowledge reside near some edge. Knowledge exists in sectors where we know that we don’t know and where we discover that we know more than we were initially aware.

At PSP and the Edge of Knowledge center we also venture into the frontier sector where we are vaguely aware of a lack of knowledge and need to know.




The Outcomes

Edge of Knowledge projects lead to production of social media documents and publications in the Library of Professional Psychology—and creation of cutting edge workshops and certification programs.

Current Research Projects

Developmental: Models of Generativity, Enduring Relationships

Appreciative: Psychology of Hope, Freedom

Health: 70 Sleep Pathways, Tiers of Health Psychology

The Professions: Development of Coaches, Professionals Quad

Public Policy: Assumptive Worlds of Psychopathy, Human Embedded Technologies

Catalog of CPOA Instruments


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Recent Report from the Pathways to Sleep Project

Performance Fact Sheet

Please click on the button below to obtain a copy of this report on a multi-segmemt perspective on sleep and the critical role played by Breath in achieving high quality sleep.

New Book: Love Lingers Here: Stories of Enduring Intimate Relationships

Annual Report

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The PSP Newsletter

Summer 2024

The Latest Book: The Crises of Expertise and Belief Authors: Kevin Weitz and William Bergquist Leaders and experts are in crisis–as are coaches, consultants, mentors and educators who work to support leaders at all levels. They confront an abundance of challenges that are particularly difficult for leaders who know it all, have narcissistic tendencies or […]
  • Posted by William Bergquist
  • On May 8, 2024
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Library of Professional Psychology

Library of Professional Coaching

PSP no longer offers degree programs but continues to offer cutting-edge workshops, certification programs and publications.