Consultbook: A Guide to Organizational Strategies and Practices


During the past several decades, organizations throughout the world have undergone a transition so profound as to be revolutionary. Turbulent public policies and regulations, fickle consumer needs and interests, shifting values about the quality of life and work, and the intrusion and acceleration of technological achievements have all brought at times almost unbearable pressure on corporations, social service agencies, schools, governmental bureaus, and other complex organizations. The demands for new modes of organization consultation have been very much both a part of and a response to these rapidly changing conditions.

In attempting to respond to these critical issues, most organizational consultants have found little time for reflection on the nature of their practice or for expansion of the range and scope of their tools and strategies. Consultbook is intended to provide just such a resource, one which will enable the practitioner to reflect on and expand their own perspectives and preferences regarding ways in which to improve organizational functions and fully engage human capital. This book is also intended as a resource for those who wish to practice an appreciative approach to organizational consultation. We build our model of organizational coaching on the foundation of a strongly held tenant regarding the appreciation of human capital in contemporary organization. We offer a variety of organizational consulting strategies and practices that lead through appreciation to the powerful, energizing release of human capital for the achievement of organizational success.


William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Global consultant to more than 1,000 organizations, author of 50-plus books, and president of an international graduate education and training institution.

Agnes Mura, M.A., M.C.C.

Long-standing Master Certified Coach (MCC),  consultant to Global 1000 corporations, and designer/deliverer of systemic Leadership Development programs worlwide.