There are several ways in which you might want to become acquainted with The Professional School of Psychology. You can read a brief account of the History of the School — starting with service to human service providers working in San Francisco, California during the late 1970s. You might instead (or in addition) want to read a summary description of the Educational Models on which the school is founded or read about PSP‘s degree granting authority. You might also want to review the commitments made by leaders of the school regarding its mission — as embedded in the Charter of The Professional School of Psychology. At a more personal level, you can read one of the statements written about PSP by our President and our Provost. Each account offers a somewhat different perspective on our graduate school. Each of us views the school in our own unique manner!

If you have the time and interest, there is yet another way in which to become acquainted with us and gain a deeper sense of our shared commitment to innovative adult education. One of our graduates, along with our president, have prepared an essay regarding four models of adult education and have set the groundword for the several different ways in which we deliver graduate education in psychology to mature, accomplished adult learners at PSP. This essay is called: Four Models of Adult Education.

Changing Policy Regarding Degree Granting Authority

It is important for any prospective student to become aware of important changes that occurred in late 2014 regarding the degree granting authority of any postsecondary educational institution in California. All postsecondary educational institutions must now actively seek accreditation from an accrediting institution approved by the United States Department of Education. In the case of PSP, this means initiating accreditation review with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). A statement concerning what this means for prospective students in their decision regarding attendance at The Professional School of Psychology is available in two locations on this website:

Degree Granting Authority

Attending a Regionally Accredited School