Strategies for Engaging the PSP Mission

To properly and effectively engage the Mission of PSP, the School will:

  • Selectively admit the most competent and qualified students. Develop a curriculum with strengths in critical thinking and appreciative modes of inquiry.
  • Recruit faculty with rich and varied experience as leaders and scholars who excel in their teaching proficiency.

To maintain accessible, high quality education, the School will:

  • Provide courses that are available at a variety of times acceptable to learners with multiple priorities.
  • Provide a variety of options for payment of tuition and other fees.
  • Provide an accessible facility and a variety of support services that are appropriate to and appreciative of the unique competencies and needs of our PSP students.

To enable faculty collaboration with students and other professionals, PSP will:

  • Encourage students and faculty to interact professionally and scientifically with other leaders and scholars from a variety of disciplines.
  • Maintain a curriculum that emphasizes the interrelationships among the varied and different disciplines of human wisdom.
  • Encourage and support students at PSP in their completion of original research and/or in their successful enactment of demonstration projects.

To establish The Professional School of Psychology as a source of support for its community, PSP will:

  • Encourage faculty and PSP students to be active members of their community, serving in the roles of teacher, learner, scholar, researcher, leader and advocate.
  • Support PSP centers in serving the community and providing high quality training, consultation and coaching.