The Administrative Staff at PSP

Chief Executive Office/President: William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Dr. William Bergquist serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Professional School of Psychology. As president, Dr. Bergquist oversees all operations of the school. In conjunction with the Board of Trustees and other members of Administrative staff and faculty, he prepares and monitors strategic plan of school. He assists the Chief Academic Officer in building new psychology degree programs for school.

Dr. Bergquist is an internationally-known coach, consultant, trainer and educator. He is author or co-author of more than 50 books and 100 articles. His publications range from the personal transitions of men and women during the second half of life and the struggles of men and women in recovering from strokes, to the experiences of freedom among the men and women of Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  William Bergquist has served as a consultant, coach and/or trainer to leaders in more than 1,000 corporations, government agencies, human service agencies, college and

Chief Operating Office: Kathleen Ayers, Psy.D.

Dr. Kathleen Ayers serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Professional School of Psychology. In this capacity, Dr. Ayers works in conjunction with the Chief Executive Office in building and sustaining effective administrative operations within the school. She advises the Chief Executive Office on matters related to governmental regulations and accreditation processes (serving as the Chief Liason Officer to all accreditation institutions.

Dr. Ayers is a licensed psychologist in California. She has worked in the mental health field since 1991, with individuals of all ages and groups of adults. Currently living in Texas, Dr. Ayers is focusing now on helping adults with chronic pain and other chronic physical and mental conditions. As a therapist, Dr. Ayers’ orientation is cognitive-behavioural. She works with people who have chronic conditions, such as pain and physical

Chief Academic Officer: Ronit Bisson, Psy.D.

Dr. Ronit Bisson serves as Chief Academic Officer at the Professional School of Psychology. In this office, Dr. Bisson is responsible for building curriculum, identifying courses to be taught and recruiting faculty to teach these courses. In collaboration with the Governing faculty of PSP, the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Student Engagement Officer and the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, Ronit Bisson identifies and crafts new curricular directions for PSP.

Having been in private practice as a clinical psychologist in Israel for 20 years, with a specialty in psychodynamic groups psychotherapy, Ronit Bisson now lives in Barcelona, Spain where she continues to provide clinical services, while also lecturing at the Academic College of Arts and society in Israel.
At PSP, Ronit Bisson has worked not only with students in Israel, but also with students from both Singapore and Indonesia, bringing to this work a sensitivity to cross-cultural differences in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health.

Chief Student Engagement Office: Gay Teurman, Ph.D.

Dr. Gay Teurman serves as Chief Student Engagement Officer at The Professional School of Psychology. In this unique administrative role, Dr. Teurman works intensively with students from the moment when they first express interest in the school to the moment when they graduate. In conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Academic Officer, the Chief Operating Officer and the Student Service Committee of the Board of Trustees, she ensures that the educational experiences and support services of the school are fully tuned to the distinctive needs of the PSP student.

Providing clinical services for more than 20 years, Gay Teurman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Teurman has extensive experience working with nutritional deficits, chronic pain, families, individuals, and couples.

Office Coordinator: Melissa Lilley

Working closely with the Chief Operating Office, Melissa Lilley overseeing the daily operations of the school, Ms. Lilley manages the financial accounting at the school, as well as the admissions process. She also oversees office functioning, and serves in the critical role of Registrar–operating as the keeper of all formal student records, transcripts and post-graduation files. Melissa Lilley also serves as Secretary to the PSP Board of Trustees

Program Coordinator: Nitzan Eraz

IN her role as program coordinator, Ntizan Eraz schedules all classes, works closely with the faculty in preparing syllabi and related course materials. She helps to orient faculty and students to the educational technologies of the school and supports the Chief Academic Office in planning for future courses, based on projected student enrollment.