Components of PSP’s Mission

Following are six key components of the Professional School of Psychology mission:

  1. To create an atmosphere conducive to personal and professional learning which enhances the wisdom of learners regarding dynamic 21st Century transformation of human systems, this wisdom being directed toward the betterment of our communities and societies.
  2. To provide qualified students with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and abilities underlying the human science disciplines.
  3. To establish an interdisciplinary context in which, and a perspective from which, students might better view the fundamental issues in the human sciences.
  4. To serve students from many different backgrounds with accessible, affordable, and high quality education.
  5. To attract and maintain a faculty and staff who work collaboratively with students as well as other professionals to prepare for the future direction and expanded scope of human wisdom in the twenty-first century.
  6. To be recognized as a leader in local, national and global communities through making a contribution with the highest standards in promoting the continuing maturation of individuals, groups, and organizations.