VUCA-Plus Environmental Inventory


OA 1. VUCA-Plus Environmental Inventory

A product of the Center for Personal and Organizational Assessment (CPOA).

The concept of VUCA has been widely engaged over the past decade. The contemporary work environment is certainly dominated by conditions of
• Volatility (V),
• Uncertainty (U),
• Complexity (C) and
• Ambiguity (A).

However, there has not been a widely available inventory that can assess the perspective of individual members and multiple members of an organization regarding these four environmental characteristics. Furthermore, there are two related characteristics that further enrich our understanding of our mid-21st Century environment. These two characteristics are:
• Turbulence and
• Contradiction.
They both intertwine with and influence the other four environmental characteristics.

The VUCA-Plus Environmental Inventory is distinctive and would certainly be welcomed by the leaders of any organization that is trying to navigate through this challenging environment. Given as an individual printed inventory, VUCA-Plus can be administered by an executive coach to members of the C-Suite (or other valued members of the organization – such as members of a strategic planning group).

The VUCA-Plus inventory is available as a printed booklet that includes the inventory, score sheet score ranges and interpretive essays (including a description of the polarities inherent in each of the six categories). A set of 5 booklets can be purchased at a price of $57 (plus shipping). [Note: each packet of five inventories comes with a CPOA Catalogue and is provided in a clear plastic, buttoned portoflio that keeps the inventories secure.]

This inventory, in digital form, also can be administered to a large number of employees (and other stakeholders) through the deployment by CPOA of Survey Monkey. Rich organization-wide conversations can ensue—especially regarding strategic and contingency planning. Please contact Bill Bergquist ( to arrange for preparation, distribution, statistical analysis and interpretation of the Digital VUCA-Plus survey. Results for a single assessment also can be compared with comparable results from a compilation of results from other organizational units that have completed this survey.