Charles Smith, Ph.D.

Charlie Smith, Ph.D., has worked in corporations, associations and government agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Europe for 43 years. His work has encompassed entire companies, agencies and industries, as well as focused on project teams, manufacturing plants, and union management groups. His mission is to support people to discover what is personally holding them back and to help them move forward to unparalleled success.

A graduate of the Boston Public Latin School, Charlie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Relations from Harvard College, a Master’s from the Harvard Business School, a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, and a certificate in Gestalt Methods from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He served as a Visiting Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, and taught at the McGill University School of Education and the McGill Centre for Management Education. He is a past-President of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of New Mexico, and has served on Boards of Directors for the Foundation for Mid-East Communication and the National Peace Institute Foundation. He was a co-founder of the Middle Road Foundation for Native American Youth in Taos, New Mexico.

His first book, The Merlin Factor: Keys to the Corporate Kingdom, has been translated into Chinese and Romanian and is published by Gower Publishing in Great Britain and Kairos Productions, now located in Eustis, Florida. His second, Navigating from the Future: a Primer for Sustainable Transformation was published by Kairos Productions with CreateSpace Publishing. In addition to the active consultancies and training projects Charlie is engaged in via Kairos Productions, he serves as Executive Editor of Transformation Magazine: A Quarterly Road Map, published by the Library of Professional Coaching.