The Board of Trustees at PSP


The Board of Trustees provides fundamental direction for the School. The Board meets quarterly, with committees of the Board (Academic Affairs, Financial Affairs, Student Services, and Planning) meeting between the full board meetings.

Bob Bennett. Chair of the Board attending an in-person gathering of PSP students and faculty

New members are elected to the Board by current members, with an emphasis being place on diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, but a shared appreciation for and understanding of the unique needs and interests of the mature and accomplished lifelong learns who are attracted to the school.  The Board also includes representatives from the faculty and student body of the school.


Following are the current members of the PSP Board of Trustees:

Robert Bennett      –     Chair of the Board

Jan Lindsay            –    Vice Chair of the Board

Tom Hill                  –    Secretary of the Board

Jim Essex                 –  Treasurer of the Board


Jan Bouch

Clare Lewis

Bruce Little

Linda Page


Agnes Mura             – Representative of Parent Organization (IPPS) to the Board

Kevin Weitz              – Faculty Representative to the Board

John Krubski           – Student Representative to the Board