International Degree Programs

The Professional School of Psychology has long emphasized its international programs and the provision of educational services to men and women from inside and outside the United States. In the past, PSP offered a cohort-based program in organizational psychology (with a focus on academic institutions) to leaders in Western Canadian university-colleges. Training and certification programs over the past twenty years have been offered to leaders from countries in Asia and Europe, as well as North America.

Currently, under the guidance of Academic Vice Presdient Haim Weinberg, PSP offers a doctoral program in clinical psychology (with a focus on group psychotherapy) that is serving students in Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and the United States.  To download a brochure of this program with full details, faculty, tuition fee and registration instructions, please click here. PSP is also offering a Masters Degree program in clinical psychology to students in Indonesia. Individual tutorial programs are also offered to students in Canada and Northern Europe, as well as the United States.

Dr. Haim Weinberg

Dr. Haim Weinberg

In a world that is increasingly free of restrictive boundaries (a “flat” world according to Thomas Friedman) and that is challenged by intimate and potentially dangerous economic connectivity (a “curved” world according to David Smick), The Professional School of Psychology intends to further intensify its commitment to international programs.


To read more about the doctoral program in clinical psychology (with a focus on group psychotherapy), click here.