Faculty of the International Doctoral Program

Experts from around the world are also involved in the delivery of our international program. In addition, we employ highly qualified, experienced local staff for training, workshops and supervision in our students’ locations.

Here is a partial list:

Meet the Board of Advisors

The role of the board of advisors is to support and counsel the management team of this program to ensure that it keeps high academic standards. Both members of the Board have a long and well-established career in the field of group psychotherapy.

  • Scott Rutan, Ph.D., CGP, DFAGPA

Dr. Rutan is a distinguished fellow and past-president of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). He founded the group psychotherapy
program at Harvard’s Medical School and co-founded the Boston Institute for
Psychotherapy. His publication record is diverse. Students in this program will become very familiar with his most recent book, Psychodynamic Group
Psychotherapy (5th Ed.)

  •  Elliot Zeisel, Ph.D., DFAGPA

Dr. Zeisel has been a psychoanalyst for almost 40 years; most of which he has practiced in New York City. He is a distinguished fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA); has a significant role at the Center for Group Studies in New York, NY; and is a member of the faculty at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies.

Meet the Program Faculty

  • Bill Bergquist , Ph.D.

Dr. Bergquist is the President of the Professional School of Psychology. An author of more than 40 books and 50 articles. Well-known in his work on organizational psychology and coaching.

  • Richard Billow, Ph.D., ABPP, CGP

Dr. Billow has a private practice in Brooklyn, New York. He considers himself a Bionian psychoanalyst and is well known for his innovative work in relational group psychotherapy. He is a clinical professor and director of the
Group Program at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at
Adelphi University in New York.

  • Elleanor Counselman, Ed. D., LFAGPA

Dr. Counselman has been practicing for over 30 years as a psychotherapist in
Boston, Massachusetts and is a past faculty member in the department of
psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is president-elect of the American
Group Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Counselman has been recognized for
her work in attachment in groups as well as her writing on starting groups
and selection of group members.

  •  Phillip J. Flores, Ph.D., ABPP, LFAGPA

Dr. Flores has been in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 30 years and is a professor at Argosy University’s Professional School of  Psychology. Dr. Flores is recognized for his work in addiction and relationships, which he believes are intricately related to each other. His writings address how addiction can then be treated successfully in the context of groups.

  • Scott Simon Fehr, Psy.D.

Dr. Fehr has been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years and has been
teaching since 1993 at Nova Southeastern University in Florida since 1993. Amongst many honors, Dr. Fehr was named outstanding mentor by AGPA in 2013. His most recent publication is his second edition of 101 Interventions in Group Psychotherapy.

  • Les Green, Ph.D., FAGPA

Dr. Greene is the immediate past President of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and has served as editor of the
International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. He is on the clinical faculty at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Greene has published extensively on the dynamics of group psychotherapy and the relationship between psychotherapy research and practice.

  • Robert Grossmark, Ph.D.

Dr. Grossmark has been teaching atNYU and numerous other training
programs nationally and internationally. Dr. Grossmark is regarded as a
relational group analyst. He wrote about the foundations of relational
psychoanalysis, the unobtrusive relational analyst, and group psychotherapy in general.

  • Francis Kaklauskas, Psy.D., FAGPA

Dr. Kaklauskas has been in private practice for over 20 years in Boulder,
Colorado. He teaches group psychotherapy at both the University of
Colorado and Narcopa University. Dr. Kaklauskas interest is in the large group process as well as on Buddhist approaches to psychotherapy.

  • Jeff Kleinberg, Ph.D., MPH, FAGPA

Dr. Kleinberg is a private practitioner in Manhattan, New York. He is past president of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and is editor
of The Handbook of Group Psychotherapy. He has been recognized for his work on trauma; particularly since his involvement in the relief program post-9/11.

  • Molyn Leszcz, M.D., FRCPC, DFAGPA

Dr. Leszcz is Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital. He is also a
professor and vice-chair in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. One of his most important contributions is co-authoring with Dr. Irvin Yalom the 5th edition of the Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy. Dr. Leszcz is on the Board of Directors of the National Registry of Certified Group Therapists and was awarded the 2009 Anne Alonso Award for Outstanding Contributions to psychodynamic group therapy.

  • Ronnie Levine, Ph.D., ABPP, FAGPA

Dr. Levine has been a clinical psychologist in New York City, NY for 40 years and has been a faculty of various programs. She serves on the editorial committee of the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. Dr. Levine’s work has been greatly influenced by Lou Ormont, modern psychoanalysis, object relations, and relational theories. She has presented at many national and international conferences over her career. Some recent topics include
managing love and hate in groups.

  • Lise Motherwell, Psy.D.

Dr. Motherwell is a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts. She taught at the
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Antioch University, and in the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Training Program. She co-edited with Dr. Joseph Shay, Complex Dilemmas in Group Therapy, which has been translated into two languages.

  • Robert Pepper, Ph.D., LCSW,

Dr. Pepper has 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist in New York where he has been facilitating six psychotherapy groups on a regular basis. He is the director of training at the Long Island Institute for Mental Health and professor at the New York Institute of Technology. He is the author of multiple publications on ethics and boundaries in group psychotherapy. His most recent book is titled Emotional Incest in Group Psychotherapy – A Conspiracy of Silence.

  • Gil Spielberg, Ph.D., ABPP, FAGPA

Dr. Spielberg is a training and supervising analyst at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles. He is fluent in various psychoanalytic points of view such as intersubjectivity, self-psychology, and modern analysis. He is especially interested in exploring the interaction of individual and group development using both interpretive and non-interpretive interventions.

  • Martyn Wittingham, Ph.D.

Dr. Whittingham is Chief of the behavioral health institute at the Mercy Health medical center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He trains, supervises and conducts
research in group-based approaches in the inpatient and outpatient
psychotherapy programs at this institute. Dr. Whittingham has received  national and international recognition for his work in developing Focused Brief Group Therapy, including an entry in The Sage Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Amongst many roles, he serves on AGPA’s International Certification Board as well as the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy.

  • Steven Van Wagoner, PhD, CGP, FAGPA

Dr. Van Wagoner is a licensed psychologist and certified group psychotherapist in private practice in Washington D.C. He is currently on faculty at the National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry, is an adjunct clinical faculty member at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland, a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, and the current Editor of “The Group Circle,” the newsletter of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Van Wagoner, an author of several book chapters and articles on group psychotherapy, has presented extensively on the impact of envy, shame, and competitive strivings on group process.

  • Prof. Walt Stone, M.D., DLFAGPA

Dr. Stone is professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati, College of
Medicine, and currently consults and teaches in Northern California. He is also past-president of The American Group Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Stone has published widely on self-psychological perspectives in group and
is a co-author of the 5th edition of Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy.

  • Morris Nitsun, Ph.D.

Dr. Nitsun lives and practices in London, UK. He is a consultant psychologist in Camden and Islington NHS Trust; a training analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis; and director of a course in innovative group interventions at the Anna Freud Clinic. His books: The Anti- Group: Destructive Forces in the Group and Their Creative Potential and The Group as an Object of Desire have been described as “classics in the field.”

  •  Haim Weinberg, Ph.D., FAGPA

Dr. Weinberg is a clinical psychologist and group analyst. He is the Academic
Vice President of PSP. He has served as past-president of the Israeli  Association of Group Psychotherapy and the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society. Dr. Weinberg has authored more than 30 articles and 4 books about the social unconscious, Internet groups, and the large group.

  • Gila Ofer, Ph.D.

Clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and group analyst.A founding member and past president of The Tel-Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis. Teaching and supervising in post graduate programs of psychotherapy in Bar-Ilan University and in Tel-Aviv University.

  • Robi Friedman, Ph.D

Dr. Friedman is a clinical psychologist and group analyst. He is the past president of the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy and president of
the international Society of Group Analysis (IGAS). Dr. Friedman is co-editor
of the book Dreams in Group Psychotherapy and author of many
articles on this topic.

  • Raz Even, M.D.

Senior Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Chair of the Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Lectures about “mind-body” and dream research.

  • Dr. Asher Shkedi

Head of the Department of Teacher Education in the School of Education of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Author of a book on qualitative research methods. The program’s consultant for qualitative methods.

  • Ido Peleg, M.D.

Senior Psychiatrist in Rambam hospital. Lecturing at at the University of Haifa and the School of Psychotherapy in Rambam hospital. Director of the group therapy program in Mazra Psychiatric Hospital.

  • Dr. Jacinto Inbar

Clinical psychologist, Supervisor in couple and Family therapy. Lecturing at Bar- Ilan University.

  • Dr. Yudit Rybko

Psychodramatist and Supervisor in psychodrama. Group analyst. Senior Lecturer at Oranim College.

  • David Yagil, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist. Chair of the Behavioral Sciences department at Izrael College.

  • Sara Avin, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist. Chief psychologist at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. Dr. Benni Wagner – Child & adolescent psychiatrist & psychotherapist. Director of children eating disorder department in Sheeba Hospital.

  • Dr. Irit Ben-Ari

Directed the social work services in the psychiatrist department in Rambam hospital.

  • Dr. Eti Ablin

Clinical social worker specializing in bereavement and loss. Was responsible for training the entire IDF casualty department. Works with the Israeli Prison Service in the aftermath of the Carmel Mountain forest fire disaster.