Awakening Spring in Autumn: The First Global PSP Colloquium


NOTE: This event has been cancelled because of the extended (COVID-related) illness of the person managing this event.

A digital version of the Awakening Spring in Autumn is available at no cost by clicking on the button above.



Eight 1 ½ hour sessions to be held virtually (via Zoom) every other Wednesday beginning in late October of 2022 and concluding in late January of 2023. The first session of the eight is an initial orienting session. It is to be held for 1 ½ hour on October 22 (Saturday) in conjunction with the 2022 PSP Gathering. All sessions: 8:30am-10:00am (Eastern North American time), 8:30pm-10:00pm (Singapore time). Dates: October 22, November 2, November 16, November 30, December 14, December 28, January 11, and January 25.


$45 (includes both digital and printed versions of Awakening Spring in Autumn) [Note: the payment is made to Ash Point Publishing, the unit of PSP that has published Awakening Spring in Autumn and other PSP-based books.]

Logistics: Registration

This Woo-Commerce site is dedicated specifically to the first PSP colloquium.  The digital version of Awakening Spring in Autumn will automatically be sent to you when you have registered and made the payment (via paypal). A printed version of the book will also be provided. It will be sent to you at the address you provide when registering. The printed version will come to you either from North America or Singapore.

We recommend that you register for this colloquium by October 10 so that you will have ample time to read the initial chapters prior to the first session to be held of Saturday, October 22. While the other sessions of the 2022 Gathering are open to all members of the PSP Global community, only those who have registered for the colloquium will be able to attend this initial session.

There is one additional point. We wish to open up this colloquium to other people with whom you live and work. You might invite significant other people in your life to join you in this exploration of mid-life. Your professional colleagues might also wish to participate. They will gain new perspectives and enhance their own professional practices as related to their mid-life clients. Each of the people you invite to participate in the colloquium will have to pay the registration fee of $45 and will receive the digital and printed versions of Awakening Spring in Autumn.

We encourage you to register for this first Global PSP Colloquium. You will find that a distinctive community of constructive dialogue and collaboration is being created and nurtured. You will also find that there is much to be learned about the awakening of Spring during the Autumnal years.


We are pleased to offer this first Global PSP Colloquium. It features the work of two PSP graduates, Eliza Yong and Jayan Warrier, along with the PSP president, Bill Bergquist on the nature and dynamics of mid-life development and renewal. Having written a book called Awakening Spring in Autumn, Yong, Warrier and Bergquist are ready to share their insights and engage in dialogue regarding the multi-cultural and multi-generational observations they offer regarding what it is like as a woman or man to face the challenges of middle age and how these challenges can awaken new energy and aspirations (“Spring”) during these Autumnal years. The conversations to be engaged will take place in a new and distinctive format: the PSP Colloquium.

The Distinctive PSP Colloquium: Collaborative Dialogue

The major premise guiding the offering of this colloquium series is that books authored by members of the Global PSP Community offer rich insights into the perspectives and practices of professional psychology. At a minimal cost, members of the Global PSP Community along with their professional colleagues, will have the opportunity to explore and engage in dialogue with other colloquium participants—as well as the author(s) of the book—these perspectives and practices. Colloquia involve constructive and illuminating conversations among expert panelists. In this case the “expert panelists” are the participants themselves. These unique colloquia feature active engagement rather than passive listening.


The Book: Awakening Spring in Autumn: The Opportunities and Challenges of Women and Men at Mid-Life

In this book, Yong, Warrier and Bergquist (coming from three different cultures) bring together an analysis of the Autumnal years based on different perspectives from the deep, introspective work (at many levels) in which all three are involved. They weave together mythic tales, classic poems and legendary stories from Western and Asian cultures to further illuminate and expand their exploration.

Through this book, the authors seek to affirm the appropriateness of hopes and fears felt by those currently living in Autumn, as well as inspire those who are about to enter Autumn, and honor those who have been generative during these Autumnal years (and can now reflect back on these years with new insights).

With the graying of populations throughout the world, a book that provides intergenerational and cross-cultural perspectives on these years of Autumn would be welcomed—especially if these perspectives are being offered by both women and men. We are pleased to be able to offer this book with rich narratives and multiple insights, building on three historic narratives from three of the most influential regions on our world: Europe, Southeast Asia and India.

The authors of this book not only identified the challenges associated with the senior years of life, they also offer opportunities, actions to be taken and life-enriching changes to be made—hence the title “Awakening Spring in Autumn.” As the authors of this book, Yong, Warrier and Bergquist come with a diversity not only of perspectives, but also of professional experiences.

Their work ranges from that of personal psychotherapy to international corporate consulting and coaching. We also enter this writing enterprise with rich, inter-disciplinary expertise in such areas as literature, philosophy, and the arts. This expertise is evident in the many images we present and narratives we explore.

The analyses offered in Awakening Spring in Autumn span the many decades of senior adulthood. This is an important feature of our book, given that we now know that there are multiple stages of life even after 45. This has become increasingly apparent as men and women live longer lives.

Instead of focusing on a specific decade of life or perpetuating the myths of a “mid-life crisis” and existential preparation for death after the mid-century, we focus on the diversity of life experiences during middle adulthood (45 to 65 years old)–biological, psychological and interpersonal. We know that everyone matures in their own unique way; yet all men and women around the world confront many of the same opportunities and challenges.

Relevance of the Book for Members of the Global PSP Community

The insights offered in this book can assist those professional psychologists who are conducting psychotherapy with women and men at midlife. The insights being offered are particularly relevant for those working outside the traditional North American population. Few books are now available that explore the mid-life issues to be found among clients from Asian cultures.

Those professional psychologists who are engaged in either personal or organizational coaching will find that the diversity of perspectives being offered by not just a psychotherapist, but also two coaches are uniquely relevant to the challenges they face in working with mid-life clients. Organizational consultants will also find guidance in the analyses being offered—especially as they relate to the culture-specific as well as near universal myths about mid-life that pervade the organizations and societies in which they are working.

More generally, this book is relevant to the lives being lived by all members of the Global PSP community. There is much to be learned not just on behalf of the clients being served, but also one’s own life challenges—at any age.

Take Aways

1. You will gain new insights about the major developmental issues facing you and/or your clients during the middle years of life.
2. You will gain a fuller appreciation of similarities and differences to be found among women and men from three cultures regarding their perspectives on and engagement in ongoing development as an adult.
3. You will have an opportunity to share your own experiences and thoughts with other members of the Global PSP community.
4. In other words, this is a unique lifelong learning opportunity. There rarely is a setting in which multi-cultural experiences and points of view about adult development are shared via collaborative dialogue among professional psychologists.

Logistics: The Colloquium Sessions

In preparation for each session, participants will be asked to read several chapters in Awakening Spring in Autumn (which they will receive in both a digital and printed version when registering in this program). One or more of the co-authors will be present at each session.

Their role, however, is not to make a presentation, but rather to offer some initial animating questions regarding the assigned chapters, to facilitate the resulting dialogue, and to clarify any points that seem unclear in the text. It is assumed that the conversation will focus on both personal experiences and application of the insights gained from the book and colloquium dialogue to professional psychology practices.

Each Zoom session will be recorded and posted in the Library of Professional Psychology. While participants are expected to attend most if not all of the sessions (so that a community of collaborative dialogue can be built and sustained), the recording provides an opportunity for those unable to attend a specific session to review what was being considered at this session. Participants will also be able to replay a session that they found to be particularly interesting or of practical value to their professional practice.


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