What Keeps High-Achieving Women from Choosing Executive Positions: VII. Results: Themes Four and Five

What Keeps High-Achieving Women from Choosing Executive Positions: VII. Results: Themes Four and Five

Survey response: The women were asked to comment on this statement, “I am rarely satisfied for long. And often, when I am done with a project I am on to the next thing with little thought about the last thing I did.” 68% of the women responded yes or mostly true for them. 17% said that although it was not true for them now, it was true for them earlier in their career.

Sample survey comments:

“I rarely spend time gloating. I’m on to the next thing.”

“I seem to never be totally satisfied. I look for what’s next to focus my energy and vision on. If I get too comfortable, I look for ways to embrace the spark. This is what I DO. If you ask me what I want, I will project images of quiet, calm, composure. I think about that being what I want, but I sure don’t seem to bring it into my world. I draw in the opposite actually.”

“Yes, I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn-although I try to build on my previous knowledge. As an accountant there is an element that likes the routine of the monthly, quarterly and annual cycles but I also need the other projects to keep me interested.”

“Absolutely, I get bored very easily and need more to keep my plate filled. I just need to be careful about taking on other people’s problems and assignments.”

“Yes – one of my strengths is multi-tasking and I am at my best when I am juggling multiple projects both professionally and personally. My life is often chaotic and I often feel I am moving a million miles an hour and don’t have time to step back and enjoy it.”

“This is absolutely true. I love to challenge myself. For me life is like running. Sometimes it’s about what is up ahead, sometimes it is about how much better I’m running today than yesterday and sometimes it’s about sharing the road with someone. I can change my course or my pace on my own to suit my needs.”

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