The New Johari Window #27: Quadrant Three: The Locus of Control

The New Johari Window #27: Quadrant Three: The Locus of Control

                                                               Relationship A [Before]
                                           Bill                                                                                           Sam

                                                                    Relationship B [After]
                                       Bill                                                                                           Sam

In this case, my public self (Quad One) would have expanded from relationship A to relationship B because of my sharing of hidden impressions about and reactions to Sam (Quad Three). Sam’s public self would have expanded because he now knows more about the way in which at least one person (me) perceives and judges him (Quad Two). Sam requests the disclosure, yet I was the one, ultimately, who had the greatest influence on both Sam’s window and my own window—unless Sam chooses to ignore or re-interpret my feedback to him.


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