The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

This shift, in turn, will push Kevin to share his information and insights with Sheila (moving quad three to quad one)—which, in turn, is likely to lead Sheila to increase her own disclosure (expanding her quad one). With this new interpersonal dynamic in place, there is not only a relief in the tension inherent in disjointed windows, but also an opportunity for both Kevin and Sheila to learn more about themselves (reducing the quad two for both of them).

                                  SHEILA                                                   KEVIN

Stabilized Interaction Model

This alternative model allows for selective movement of Quad Four material into Quad Three or selective disclosure of information about oneself to another person (movement of material from Quad Three to Quad One). There are no automatic changes in either Sheila or Kevin as a result of an expansion of Quad Three (such as Kevin’s non-shared impressions of Sheila). Kevin could expand his third quadrant by coming to fuller realization of the previously unconscious processes (Quad Four) influencing his relationship with Sheila. Quad Three, in other words, can expand and Quad Four shrink (when the disjointed model is applied) without impacting either the first or second quadrant.


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