The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

                                  Option One: Quad Three Grows Larger
                                BEFORE                                                AFTER

                                     Option Two: Quad Three Grows Smaller
                              BEFORE                                                    AFTER

As you can see from the second graphic, I am introducing a new concept: the “no man’s [person’s] land.” I have designated it by leaving this area blank on the graphic. This is an area that must soon be filled-in—often leading to a sequence of moves between the quadrants. In this case, quad three first shrinks (as Kevin grows less certain about what he “knows” about Sheila) and then expand in size (as Kevin begins to gather new and more valid information and insights about Sheila).


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