The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

The New Johari Window #26: Quadrant Three: Alternative Johari Models

                                SHEILA                                                          KEVIN

Let’s turn to a different scenario regarding Sheila and Kevin. Another shift might have occurred. Kevin might have learned a few specific things about his unconscious life (Quad Four) with reference to Sheila from his therapy or coaching session, or human relations workshop. He might, for instance, have learned something about the unconscious factors that influence his relationship with people in authority or, instead, that influence his relationship with mature women.

This would impact both Quad Four (which shrinks) and Quad Two (which also shrinks) The stabilized model allows for these very selective insights that we are likely to gain about another person. Kevin’s insights would require change in quadrant three. At the very least, we are likely to see a change in the content of quadrant three as Kevin alters his perceptions of Sheila.


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