The Incidence of Anxiety and Depression in Physical Therapy Students: III. Methods

The Incidence of Anxiety and Depression in Physical Therapy Students: III. Methods

After the test administrator read the HADS disclaimer to the participants, the informed consent form (ICF) was reviewed and handed to the subjects to read and sign. After all the participants signed the informed consent form, the test administrator collected this form. Following the collection of the ICF, a packet containing the HADS, the demographics questionnaire, and the newly designed anxiety/depression tool by Richard Wanlass PhD (appendix D) was provided to each subject. After all the participants received all of these items, they marked on their paper which response best described the most appropriate response for each question on the HADS and the other accompanying checklists.

After the completion of the HADS and the other accompanying checklists, the test administrator collected all of the test materials and placed the forms in a 9.5″ X 12″ manila envelope for eventual computation of the results. The Test Administrator was then allowed to answer any questions to further explain the study as needed, and to provide interested students with the office phone number for Clare Lewis at California State University, Sacramento for further information.


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Clare LewisClare Lewis graduated from the Professional School of Psychology in 2003 with her doctorate in clinical psychology and in 2005 with her doctorate in organizational psychology. She has been licensed as a clinical psychologist since 2012.  In addition to her psychology degrees, Clare is a licensed physical therapist with an advanced masters in orthopedic manual therapy and an transitional doctorate in physical therapy.  Clare is a certified manual therapist from the Stanley Paris Institute and a fellow of the American Association of Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapists.  Clare has been a professor in the department of physical therapy at CSU Sacramento since 1996.  She has taught the psychology class and orthopedic class for majors for many years. She practices physical therapy at Remedy Rehab in Sacramento, CA doing orthopedic out-patient manual therapy and volunteers at the suicide hotline for Sacramento County.

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