The Incidence of Anxiety and Depression in Physical Therapy Students: III. Methods

The Incidence of Anxiety and Depression in Physical Therapy Students: III. Methods

The test administrator was sent a list of instructions on the protocol of the study (see test administrator instruction sheet). The test administrator addressed the class and asked the students to participate in the study; making it known to the students that participation was not mandatory and that they had the right to decline at any time. It was also emphasized to the subjects prior to the administration of the test that the results of the HADS and other accompanying checklists (see appendix) were strictly confidential.  Since there were minimal psychological risks involved, anyone requiring counseling services was provided with contact numbers of their on-campus psychological services. First, the students signed an informed consent form. Once the consent forms were collected, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale Disclaimer (HADSD) was to be read aloud to the participating students.  The disclaimer stated:

The HADS and the other accompanying checklists are preliminary screening measures for depression and anxiety symptoms that do not replace in any way a formal psychological evaluation. They are designed to give a preliminary idea about the presence of mild to moderate depressive symptoms and anxiety that may indicate the need for an evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist.


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