Stress: A Healthcare Challenge

Stress: A Healthcare Challenge

Level 2: caught in a net half way down

This level includes people who are experiencing some negative health consequences of stress but have not developed full-blown health issues such as those described in level 1. One intervention at this level is to educate individuals how to recognize signs and symptoms of excessive and chronic stress, which can be cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physical as listed below:

Another intervention at this level includes teaching individuals stress management techniques, which can also be grouped into the same four categories.


Write. First it helps to keep a stress diary to identify the causes of short-term and frequent stress in one’s life. Just writing for 10-15 minutes helps to identify the sources of stress, how they made one feel, why the situation stresses one out and how much impact the stress has on one’s life. After we know more about our stress, we can use the other stress management techniques to reduce the stress or try to avoid stressful situations altogether.


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