My Hope for Having Children: A True Story of Love, Sacrifice, Faith, Courage and Hope

My Hope for Having Children: A True Story of Love, Sacrifice, Faith, Courage and Hope

It was not until the SOHS went away (12 weeks later) that my husband confessed that I had almost passed away when we were first told that we  were pregnant. We thought that maybe the worst had been over, however, it was only the beginning . . . .

At 20 weeks, I began to have pre-labor contractions, which never did stop. I had to take magnesium and other medicines to control the contractions to my threshold of 6-7 contractions per hour. At 33 weeks and two days, our sweet Elizabeth, Reuben and Michael were born. It was an emergency C-section because I was dying but I did not know it at the time. I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, and I had to receive two blood transfusions after the birth of my triplets. I thought the worst was over. No, it was not. It was only the beginning. Hours after the birth of our triplets, we found out that one of our sons, Reuben Luis would have to be air transferred to UCSF Children’s Hospital.
Reuben was born with Transpose Pulmonary Veinary Reverse (TAPVR). A heart defect that is rare in preemie. Our son would require open-heart surgery in order to live. We were informed that our son had a very low chance of survival especially in the recovery stage after his open-heart surgery. Reuben was not home with his brother Michael, his sister Elizabeth, and his parents until after four months.


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