My Hope for Having Children: A True Story of Love, Sacrifice, Faith, Courage and Hope

My Hope for Having Children: A True Story of Love, Sacrifice, Faith, Courage and Hope

My story is a miracle filled with hope, everlasting love, and most importantly blessings. My high-risk perinatologist told me after I gave birth to my beautiful triplets, “You have experienced more dramatic health problems than most mothers expecting multiples. You were meant to be here for your triplets. Your triplets are special and miracles of life.” The reason he said this is because my triplets and I have experience syndromes and defects that are rare to say the least.  I was diagnosed with Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (SOHS), which is when your ovaries overdevelop from a walnut size to a grapefruit size each, and your body starts to retain fluids. I gained 46 pounds of water in 10 days!  I ended up in intensive care because I could not breathe.  It was during my stay at the hospital that my husband and I were told that I was 3 ½ weeks pregnant! We were so happy. Then we were told that it seemed like they saw three sacs!  Triplets!!!  We could not be any happier.

My hope to have children had become a reality, but I had no idea that with this reality also came my biggest test of how much sacrifice, pain, and suffering my body could take.   I remember asking my doctor, “Could I possibly die of pain?”

In fact, even though I was not feeling well at all and could not move or breathe without having oxygen, I was ecstatic. How could I be blessed to be pregnant with triplets?! My husband was so happy too. However, he seemed very worried.


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