Innovation Without Risk? The Need for Innovation

Innovation Without Risk? The Need for Innovation

Our experience shows that Innovation Microcosms™ create win/win/win scenarios. Employees learn new skills that enhance innovation capabilities and open up an attitude more receptive to change (win). They are more engaged since they help solve complex problems for the organization (win). The organization gets immediate, new thinking on how to solve a real issue (win). The culture starts to change because the language, tools and connections help create a new, effective and innovative business environment (win). Okay, so that is four wins!

The training investment is a mere day which makes it convenient, powerful and realistic. As more teams show success, the momentum builds exponentially. The individuals and teams become champions of change. Frankly, the teams we have worked with got WOW results.

So what is the process for building an Innovation Microcosm and culture of change in your organization?

What you need to do:
1. Select a few leaders who take a validated assessment regarding their innovation style
2. Outline a meaningful problem or opportunity the team can work through
3. Provide a day for the team to train on innovation capabilities and tackle the problem or opportunity
4. Demonstrate a willingness to be open to the suggestions or ideas generated by the team

What you get:
1. Leaders who become aware of the different innovation styles and their strengths
2. Increased skill development and new ways (tools) to solve complex business problems
3. Increased engagement and participation
4. A group or team that is more open to new thinking and can become your champion for constructive cultural change
5. New ideas on addressing a problem or opportunity important to your business

Innovation Microcosms™ are successful because they are fast, concentrated and results oriented. They significantly lower the risk, time and capital investment required to build innovation capability.


As a leader you are responsible for ensuring the long-term growth of your business. As an employee, you need to think about how to remain relevant and value-added in the future. To achieve those goals and thrive, you need to continuously develop your individual and team innovation capabilities. Equally important, you need to ensure that the culture supports the new, innovative thinking.  Instead of a messy, complex project with uncertain results, Innovation Microcosms™ provide a proven methodology with quick results.

Let’s see, there is minimal risk with huge upside potential. Now that sounds doable and a career maker. Take some of the risk out of driving innovation and change. Start small, win big.


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Sally JamaraDr. Jamara works with executives as a trusted advisor to align their teams to support the efficient and effective delivery of their corporate strategy. She provides the road map to make executive development and organization change successful for both the organization and the individual. After listening to clients' need to build a culture for innovation, Dr. Jamara developed and validated a unique assessment series that focuses on bringing awareness and specific development tools for innovation to individuals, teams and organizations. Dr. Jamara has been consulting with companies across many industries for over 11 years. Previously, she was Senior Vice President of America's Human Resources for Bass Hotels & Resorts, Inc. In addition to her significant Human Resources experience, she has been Vice President of Customer Service and Sales, managing the P&L and over¬seeing client development. She has been the recipient of numerous executive leadership awards including: Executive Committee Award, Outstanding Teamwork Award and multiple Top Performer Awards. Dr. Jamara obtained her Masters and Doctorate degrees in organiza¬tional psychology from The Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento, CA. Her B.A. is in Economics from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

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