Alignment of Mind, Body and Soul

Alignment of Mind, Body and Soul

Tolle wrote, “… They realize that how “spiritual” you are has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of consciousness. This in turn, determines how you act in the world and interact with others.” “Those unable to look beyond form become even more deeply entrenched in their beliefs, that is to say, in their mind. We are witnessing not only an unprecedented influx of consciousness at this time but also an entrenchment and intensification of the ego. Some religious institutions will be open to the new consciousness (soul); others will harden their doctrinal positions and be part of all those other man-made structures throughout which the collective ego will defend itself and “fight back.”

I could see that Nagel’s conclusion in Mind and Cosmos is in a vein similar to the German philosophers of the late 18th and early 19th century: the nature of reality is such that there is a natural progression towards consciousness. This conclusion is not that far-fetched (as Nagel’s critics would like to believe).

I am not saying or remotely suggesting we ought to abandon science or discredit what science and research have achieved. I am merely agreeing with what Elliott Sober, in the Boston Review, wrote “[Nagel] argues that evolutionary biology is fundamentally flawed and that physics also needs to be rethought — that we need a new way to do science.” I am also not saying that our soul consciousness is more important than our mind and body whilst we are having human experience on earth.

It is best for me to sum up my view and conclude this paper by citing Gary Zukav’s work: The soul is. It has no beginning and no end but flows toward wholeness. The personality emerges as a natural force from the soul. It is an energy tool that the soul adapts to function within the physical world. Each personality is unique because the configuration of energy of the soul that formed it is unique. It is the persona of the soul, so to speak, that interacts with physical matter. It is a product that is formed from the vibrational aspect of your name, the vibrational aspect of your relationship to planets at the time of your incarnation, and vibrational aspects of your energy environment, as well as from the splintered aspects of your soul that need to interact in physical matter in order to be brought into wholeness.

The personality does not operate independently from the soul. To the extent that a person is in touch with spiritual depths, the personality is soothed because the energy of consciousness is focused on its energy core and not on its artificial facade, which is the personality.

The personality sometimes appears as a force running rampant in the world with no attachment to the energy of its soul. This situation can be the origin of what we call an evil human being. It is the result of the personality being unable to find its reference point, or connection, to its mothership, which is its soul. The conflicts of a human’s life are directly proportional to the distance at which an energy of personality exists separately from the soul, and, therefore, as we shall see, in an irresponsible position of creation. When a personality is in full balance, you cannot see where it ends and the soul begins. “

That is a whole human being fully in alignment with their mind, body and soul.



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