A Road to Consciousness

A Road to Consciousness

Reflecting on my life in my 78th year my earliest memories are when I became “conscious” of things around me; my parents, the house I lived in, the garden and streets I played in, the family dog and my favourite toys. My experience of this early “consciousness” in my first three years was encountering things, people and surroundings that were not me – no more than that.

Very soon I started to experience the impact these early encounters had on me. I started to experience a whole range of emotions from happiness, excitement, fear, love, doubt, pride, frustration, anger, embarrassment, fun, safety and danger, which started to shape the way I engaged with my circumstances. I don’t recall “consciously” experiencing these emotions. It was more a reaction based response of resistance or engagement; “I like that” or “I don’t like that.”

By the time I started school in my fifth year I started to become attentive to what situations I was okay with and could handle, and which ones were uncertain and potentially upsetting or threatening.

This then developed into a much longer “learning” phase, probably into my twenties, during which I became more and more adept at recognising which experiences I could manage and which ones I struggled with. During this phase I also started to recognise and draw conclusions about my capabilities and strengths, and my limitations and weaknesses as a person. This was heavily influenced and often reinforced by those who I considered authority figures (teachers, parents and elders), and by comparing myself with others who were better or worse than me in the various activities and examinations that I went through.


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Tony Turnbull

Tony TurnbullTONY TURNBULL Tony Turnbull is a vastly experienced manager and consultant. He worked for 25 years in the consumer products industry in supply chain, HR and product launch functions and spent the next 25 years consulting to top international companies. His approach focuses on how individuals and organisations can achieve breakthrough improvements through building powerful working relationships. Using his experience and insight at every level of business he brings a balance of compassion, understanding and no-nonsense challenge to those who set their sights on world-class performance. Tony has a passion for innovation and is continually inventing new leadership approaches that keep his clients performing at the edge of their capabilities. Reflecting on his career and life experiences, Tony is now exploring how the energy released from “Conscious Conversations” in which each participant maintains cognizance of how his/her engagement is shaped by a lifetime of “unconscious” shaping of their character. He is exploring how the simultaneous awareness of self, while being totally present to the prevailing circumstances and others can create hitherto unavailable freedom to create possibility for breakthroughs in the seemingly intractable issues facing individuals and groups at all levels in today’s world.

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