Tuition Plans and Rates

Tuition for the Professional School of Psychology graduate programs can be paid through one of three plans:

  1. Per Unit Payment Plan
  2. Monthly Payment Plan provided by the School. PSP is not able to provide Federal Stafford Loans.
  3. Full Payment Plan for the cost of the degree program (paid in full upon enrollment)

Please note that most graduate schools only have a per unit payment plan. PSP’s commitment to affordable education is demonstrated in providing three different payment options. However, it should be noted that the Monthly Payment Plan and Full Payment Plan provide students with significant savings over per unit payments. For example, the Monthly and Full Payment Plans for the Track III Doctoral program is $53,500, however, if you paid by unit for this 116 unit program, the per unit total cost would be $60,900.

Current tuition rates are as follows:

  • Master’s Degree Program $425 per unit
  • Doctoral Degree Program $ 525 per unit

Clinical Programs

  • Master of Arts in Psychology — $30,000
  • Doctor of Psychology — Track I  $68,500
  • Doctor of Psychology — Track II $60,500
  • Doctor of Psychology — Track III $53,500

Organizational Program

  • Master of Arts in Psychology — $30,000
  • Doctor of Psychology — $53,500

All students sign contracts which specify their rights and responsibilities. Students who contract for the second or third contract option ‘lock in’ the per unit price at the date of the contract. The contract period for doctoral students extends beyond the class-phase, allowing a reasonable amount of time to complete the dissertation. As with other institutions of higher learning, students who continue past the contract period may be subject to extension fees.