Admissions Process

The Professional School of Psychology requires a personal interview with all prospective graduate psychology students. This interview can be conducted in person or by phone or Skype. At the end of the personal interview, the interviewer and the prospective student come to a collaborative decision whether to move the application process forward. If an application is given and received, the prospective student goes back into their world and begins to pull together the required materials. Prospective students regularly talk with school representatives during this time, and we normally follow-up with the prospective student to encourage more dialogue, as necessary. This give-and-take, collaborative approach to the admission process, is characteristic of the way all administrative matters and educational processes are pursued at PSP.

In order to apply to the International Doctoral Program (focused on group psychotherapy), please download the document by clicking this link and follow the instructions.

When an application is complete and returned to PSP, the Admissions Committee usually makes a decision within two weeks. Students may enter into classes at the beginning of any term (Fall, January Intercession, Winter, Spring, Summer). In fact, a prospective student may take up to three classes on a per unit basis before being formally admitted to PSP.

Regarding the issue of the transference of credits, it is generally not recommended that students enrolled at PSP seek to transfer in courses from other graduate institutions or to seek graduate credit for courses taken at an undergraduate level. Typically, the course being offered at PSP will be at a higher level than that offered at other graduate schools (because of the age and maturity of the PSP student body and the extensive experience of the PSP faculty); furthermore, the concepts and practices in a specific area of psychology are usually changing so rapidly that an update will be of value to virtually any PSP student. Course equivalencies and transfers are also discouraged because of state licensing laws. PSP students who wish to become licensed must become informed of current licensing requirements (regarding when a course is taken and the content of the course) before seeking course equivalency or transfer of credit. An upper combined limit of 12 units of transfer credit may be allowed.

If you are interested in arranging for a personal interview, contact our administrative staff at (916) 641-6542, or complete the Contact Us form on this website.