Our Facilities

Physical Location

The Professional School of Psychology (PSP) is located in an office complex off Watt Avenue in Sacramento, California. While most of the course work is done in remote locations–in keeping with the distinctive approach to senior tutorial instruction that emphasizes flexibility and convenience for both student and tutor–conference facilities and meeting rooms are available at the Watt Avenue location.

Physical Library: Toronto

Because the students at PSP live in many different locations throughout the world, the School has decided that it is no longer necessary to retain a large physical library at its headquarters in Sacramento. As a result of this decision, PSP has moved its substantial psychology reference library of more than 15,000 volumes to its sister institution, the Adler Institute in Toronto, Canada. Through its partnership with the Adler Institute, PSP is now in a position to provide books to its students upon request, while also guiding its students to their own location university and college libraries and to various on-line bibliographic resources.

Online Library: LPC

For many years, PSP has been at the forefront in the training of organizational coaches and conducting research and theory building in the field of professional coaching. As part of its commitment to this field, PSP is a co-sponsor of the Library of Professional Coaching —an exceptional online resource of essays, tools, survey reports and case studies on professional coaching.